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March 15th, 2021
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A thread on Haste Tokens (HST) @playwithhaste


In the Bitcoin economy, users are founders.

Haste has created a model for this.

Users are founders.

By playing any game on Haste Arcade, users are given a % of the 43,835 daily tokens distributed.

This is regardless if they win or lose.

Haste recently added a Daily HST Leaderboard.

By working out how much $ I spent playing Haste I can work out the daily revenue of Haste and what the current market cap for HST is.

Tip: the leaderboard for HST allocation resets at midnight PST.

Knowing when the leaderboard resets and keeping track of my HST balance every day, I worked out what I paid for my HST tokens from the day before

E.g. on mar 8th, I spent $0.44 and received 72 HST.

$0.44/72 = $0.006111 paid per HST.

Multiply that by 200m (total fixed supply) and you get $1,222,222.

That would be the fully diluted market cap for Haste tokens on that particular day.

But the total amount spent each day on Haste Arcade varies.

Here is data for past 8 days of HST price and implied market cap:

Note: price per HST may be significantly lower if you rank on the leaderboard that day and receive payouts.

Knowing price per HST, we can also work out what the daily revenue of Haste is given that they give out 43,835 HST every day in a pro-rata way.

Total Daily revenue:

For a company that is only ~2 months old, it’s not bad to be pulling in $300-$500 per day of revenue already.

But this revenue is a bit nuanced as the majority of it is paid out instantly to players on the leaderboard.

In the higher game divisions (Mega 1M sats to Nakamoto 100M sats):

Haste Arcade receives 25.5% of what a player spends on a game.

Applied to our daily revenue table:

Note: this 25.5% figure applies only to the larger games. Dust, nano and micro divisions have different payouts. Above figures also does not include the Match game or referral payouts.

For more info on Haste Tokens read:


h/t @cryptoAcorns

And to start earning Haste tokens, play it now:



sorry some images of the data got cropped out above, here is fullsize: